UMN Trainee Spotlight: Jessica O’Connell

Jessica is a first-year MPH Nutrition student and dietetic intern in the coordinated master’s program at the University of Minnesota. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science with an emphasis in Human Nutrition at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Jessica has been an MCH Nutrition Trainee since September 2018. As a trainee,Continue reading “UMN Trainee Spotlight: Jessica O’Connell”

UTK Former Trainee Spotlight: Shanthi Appelö

Shanthi Appelö is an alumnus of the Maternal and Child Health Leadership traineeship. She completed both her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees at the University of Tennessee. Currently, she is a registered dietitian nutritionist working at the Knox County Health Department. In this blog post, Shanthi describes her experience as a former trainee, herContinue reading “UTK Former Trainee Spotlight: Shanthi Appelö”

Western Partners Trainee Spotlight: Alyssa Thomas

Alyssa is a second year MPH student in Nutrition/Dietetics at the Colorado School of Public Health and will begin a dietetic internship in the fall. She completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Stanford University and currently works in public health consulting. These experiences, along with that as a MCH nutrition trainee, have all informedContinue reading “Western Partners Trainee Spotlight: Alyssa Thomas”

Recap of the Western Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Leadership Network Conference

The Western Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nutrition Leadership Network (NLN) is an annual conference of public health and nutrition professionals among 13 western states. In February 2019, as part of our training, the trainees of Arizona State University, including myself, had the pleasure of attending the 11th NLN meeting in Redondo Beach, California. OverContinue reading “Recap of the Western Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Leadership Network Conference”

UCLA Trainee Spotlight: Karen Meacham

Karen is a first year MPH student in Community Health Sciences at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. She received undergraduate degrees in Dietetics and Biology at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX, and will be completing her Dietetic Internship through a combined program with UCLA and the Greater Los Angeles VA.  She plans toContinue reading “UCLA Trainee Spotlight: Karen Meacham”

UTK Trainee Spotlight: Rachel Klenzman

Rachel Klenzman is a first year dual Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition and Master of Public Health student and an MCH Nutrition trainee at the University of Tennessee. She will also be completing a dietetic internship through UT in 2021. Rachel received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Ashland University inContinue reading “UTK Trainee Spotlight: Rachel Klenzman”

Using Conceptual Models to Tackle Complex Public Health Problems Affecting MCH Populations

  An Example of How Structural and Intermediary Determinants of Health Affect Breastfeeding Rates among African American Women Despite the many known benefits of breastfeeding, a persistent discrepancy exists between African American mothers and mothers of other races who breastfeed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among all children born duringContinue reading “Using Conceptual Models to Tackle Complex Public Health Problems Affecting MCH Populations”

Ethics in Research: The Power of Collaboration

Most, if not all, scientists are familiar with the Nuremberg Code, the Belmont Report, and the famously inhumane experiments that made ethical guidelines for conduct of research necessary (for background information on these topics, please see links at the end of the post). And most, if not all, researchers are familiar with the process ofContinue reading “Ethics in Research: The Power of Collaboration”

UTK Former Trainee Spotlight: Ruth Wooten

Ruth Wooten, an alumnus of the Maternal and Child Health Leadership traineeship, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and completed her Master’s program in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Tennessee. This blog post describes her recent publication/thesis research. Upon entering graduate school, I was not convinced that I wanted to pursue the thesis trackContinue reading “UTK Former Trainee Spotlight: Ruth Wooten”

UMN Trainee Spotlight: Kalia Thor

  Kalia is a second year MPH Nutrition student, MCH nutrition trainee, and a MNLEND trainee. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK and her dietetic internship through Iowa State University. She is currently working as a Nutrition Educator for WIC. She has found a passion inContinue reading “UMN Trainee Spotlight: Kalia Thor”